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May 2022 - Volume 22, No. 5
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Exercising Your Imagination

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you anywhere.”
- Albert Einstein

BILL’S BIG BOOK  (if you wish, you can put your own name on it instead)

Following these few words of introduction and instruction, there are 437 blank pages.  The instructions are simple.  Open it to any page, or choose a page number, and open it there. Then just use your own imagination.

Just inside the front cover, facing the Title Page, is the Einstein quote, I’ve given above.

And just inside the back cover, after the final blank page, are these five words,

“Because you are good enough.”

xxxxx   xxxxx   xxxxx   xxxxx   xxxxx

Some guiding directions

Why do the pages appear blank?
    They are blank because they are inviting your own imagination to emerge upon them. Or you may be seeking something, and the answer is right there private for your own imagination to see.

Should I be writing (or drawing, or whatever) on my pages?
    If you wish. However it is not for anyone else to see or know what you do there.

What if I wish to share my imagination?
    If you want to share, write it in a Journal, or a Diary, or a Notebook, or Blog, or a letter, or have a conversation with someone (out loud, or ‘imaginary’).

What if my imagination is ‘bad’ or ‘immoral’ or would bring harm to others?
    Your imagination is your own, private. It can reveal to you what’s inside. And often it’s important for us not to always act on our imagination. (I’ll remind my clients I don’t want to witness in court, or do prison visits.)
    If your imagination shows aspects of yourselves (or behaviors) that are judgment-worthy by others, then we can also use our imagination to explore alternative behaviors or even alternate beliefs. And it can prevent us from always having to be just ‘logical.’
    In the long run, our imagination can help us bring our (outward) behaviors and even beliefs into a greater harmony with others. It can be our greatest gift to be able to honor all living creatures - for a more peaceable world. Imagine it.

    Many years ago, my ex-wife’s favorite song was John Lennon’s “Imagine” (1971).  I’ll always remember and honor her for that.

Pay attention.
Use the Book. Change the world.
(Glance again inside both the front and back covers.)

Comments (4)

  • Is there such a book available?

    — Karen SAGERT Hites, 5/4/2022
  • Response to Karen S

    Yes and no and yes. For me it exists in the realm of the Imagination (only). That’s my point (and challenge). You won’t find it on Amazon or anywhere in the logical world. Of course, some enterprising person could make it physically real (at which point I’d suggest a fewer number of pages – perhaps only 50.)

    — Bill McDonald, 5/5/2022
  • I think I’ll keep my book in my imagination for now. Somehow I feel safer that way. Can I use my book to change MY world???

    — Alice Austin, 5/6/2022
  • Response to Alice

    Looks like that’s what I’m saying. And it’s true to my own imagination. So, Yes. Go for it, Girl.

    — Bill McDonald, 5/6/2022

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