Whether your search for a therapist stems from

  •   a specific crisis,

  •   a chronic long-term problem,

  •   a deep desire to live life more fully,

  •   or all three  -  take a look here.

Here is the kind of therapy you want, when therapy is what you need.  I love my work, and have been doing it well 41 years now.  My skills best represent the human side of the therapist’s art - caring, flexible and open, yet competent and professional.

Take a look inside this website.  There’s a lot of information here to help you get to know me better and for your own use to enrich your life.

It represents help for you to accomplish that creative combination of

   (a)  what your heart desires, and

   (b)  what is right for you.

Bill McDonald


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Types of Counseling

You may be going through a specific crisis or difficult life transition. Maybe you're suffering from a chronic long-term dysfunction and want to finally make some healthy and/or necessary changes in your life.
Couples / Marriage
Only within the last half century has couples or marital therapy become a distinct discipline of its own. (Notwithstanding, some of the secrets of good marital counseling have been around for hundreds or thousands of years.
Children / Adolescents
Counseling Children and Adolescents is a distinct therapeutic art in itself.
Specific areas of expertise:

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I heard a ‘yes’ from somewhere - I don’t know where it came from or what it means. What do I do now? I’m not used to hearing voices from out of nowhere - except once in awhile out of nowhere I’ll hear my name being called. I probably should respond by saying “thank you”, but somehow I’m more confused or frightened than grateful. Maybe it came from someone approving more credit that I wish I didn’t need. Maybe it comes from an executioner. Or maybe a potential lover. When there’s a ‘yes’ isn’t there somewhere also a ‘no’ maybe hiding just around a corner?

Then, as I began to calm myself, it occurred to me that perhaps this it was in response to a question I’ve been asking. Of course, that must be it! I’d been recently asking “How will we know where to go from here” - ‘here’ being in the Covid crisis. And all I get is this “Yes.”  Not an answer with the tone of a preceding question. It’s just a declarative, a yes meant as a single word and perhaps final…. just a period after it.

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