Host a Dream Group

Would your group or organization like to have a project in Dream Interpretation? Or would a group of friends like to form for the specific purpose of Dream Interpretation?

I (Bill McDonald) enjoy working with and interpreting dreams. And I would enjoy working with a group of folks who would commit themselves to perhaps six weekly sessions , for the specific purpose of sharing and learning from their dreams. My task would be to offer interpretation about and direction from them. Specifically, I would

 1) Offer interpretation of the dreams offered by the group. This would be the primary use of time at each session.

2) Give direction regarding how to capture your dreams, and then write them down.

3) Introduce various methods and theories of dream interpretation. This would be more in passing than a major emphasis.

4) Attend to the possibility that the group or members of the group may begin to dream in concert - the formation of a “Group Dream.” It is not uncommon in such settings that the dreams of the group may begin to blend with or complement each other.

5) If possibilities emerge, I could teach and interpret divinatory dreaming. This would involve posing a question before dreams, and inviting a dream to “answer.” Each session would last about one hour. In that time there would probably not be time for each individual to offer a dream. But each can learn from the dreams of the other.

General Group Rules would prevail:

Confidentiality - nobody will share outside the group setting any information or material about any other group member.

Respect - Each person will respect the dignity each other’s dream material, with the understanding that dreams are messages from deep places, and each person will have his or her own method and process of receiving those messages.

Don’t interpret others’ dreams - I, as group leader, will be the one person responsible to offer dream interpretation. Others may not offer interpretation, except when invited or allowed by myself and/or the dream sharer. The purpose of this Dream Group is not necessarily to become an interpreter of the dreams of others, but rather to learn how to understand, use and honor one’s own dream material.

Be on time - as a courtesy to the group and leader, it is important that the group members arrive promptly so we can start on time.

Structure and Time

Specific details would be worked out concerning the place and time of meeting. It could be in somebody’s home, or in my office setting. I would ask that people commit to the entire series if at all possible.  I have suggested a time of six weeks  - but the project could be extended as well. 


My initial thought is that the cost would be equal to $10 per person per session.

Not a Therapy Contract

These sessions would not involve a therapy contract between the individual and the group leader. This would not be Group Therapy which would involve a therapy contract between group members and the leader, as well as among the group members. Rather this would be an educational group, for the purpose of learning about dreams and using one’s own dreams for personal growth and benefit. And all sharing by group members would be for that specific purpose. A written membership agreement would specifically state this purpose and limitation.

My Background

I first began to develop skills in dream analysis during my clinical training at Huron Valley Institute, Ann Arbor (1973-77). I was also introduced to Senoi Dreamwork directly from Jack Johnson during that time. In the early 1980's I was privileged to attend a special workshop in Chicago involving two packed days of privately owned documentary film of Marie-Louise von Franz, Carl Jung’s partner in dream interpretation, teaching her own methods of dream interpretation. This work was later published by Fraser Boa (psychoanalyst, the interviewer and the filmmaker) as The Way of the Dream (Toronto,1990).

And for thirty years now, I have used dream interpretation extensively in my private clinical practice.

If Interested If you would be interested in hosting or organizing such a group, get in touch with me, and we’ll talk further.

Bill McDonald - August, 2007                         Phone 810 629-0760