maintain the following weekly schedule:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat*
   Morning - X - X X x
   Afternoon X X - X x -
   Evening - X - X -

      X = available
      x = available secondary to personal schedule
      - = not available

      *Sats, 2/month


Telephone availability

I answer phone and email inquiries personally - and try to be available at all times for inquiries or emergencies.  When not in the office, all calls are forwarded to my cellphone.  VoiceMail messages are regularly monitored.

I may be reached
    By telephone - 810 629-0760 (office).  VoiceMail available, Please use.
    By email - mcdonald@tir.com (monitored daily)
    From this website by Contact Us (monitored daily)
    Text message (SMS) to 810 730-9454 (my cellular number)
          (The office number, 629-0760 cannot accept Text messages)

    By Fax - 810 616-6268 (monitored daily)

Most immediate contact is by phone or Text Message. 810-730-9454

Bill McDonald

Most recently updated: Jan 3, 2015